Why Choose Weldman Brand

The WELDMAN brand welding power sources are of heavy-duty type, designed with IGBT based inverter technology for excellent electrical and welding performances. High quality and proven semiconductor components are used for superior reliability and performance. The WELDMAN power sources are designed to work under the harshest environments and to meet the stringent requirements where quality is of paramount importance. All WELDMAN products undergo stringent Quality Control tests so as to achieve high reliability, endurance and performances. They are suitable for shipyards, pipelines, construction works, petrochemical plants, oil refineries, offshore works and engineering workshops.

Inverter Technology

The inverter welding machines are much smaller and lighter, more efficient and energy saving compared to conventional welding machine. In addition, they offer better control of welding characteristics such as smooth and stable arc. Hence, inverter technology is well and truly an efficient choice for welding power sources.

Heavy Duty Welding

The power components are efficiently cooled so as to deliver high welding currents for long hours at high rated duty cycle (70%).

Energy Saving Generator Friendly

Substantial cost savings (20 Р30%) can be achieved compared to conventional machines due to higher efficiency, lower input KVA demand and lower no load / load electrical consumption. Cost savings can be up to 90% for no load power  consumption alone. The generators are not affected by starting surge current due to fast acting control circuit of WELDMAN.

Supply Voltage Guard

The incorporated sensing circuit protects the machines from under/over voltage conditions.