Single Phase Portable MMA / HF TIG Welders

WE200T/ WE200H

Weldman portable single phase inverter power sources deliver constant current (CC) DC power. This is achieved using energy efficient IGBT inverter technology. These machines render smooth and stable arc for Stick / MMA and TIG welding with various types of electrodes. WE200T model is with built-in high frequency start. The machines are designed and built with careful layout of power components and cooling arrangement. Hence, the machines are suitable for heavy duty welding.


WE200T   >   Stick welding   >   Lift start TIG welding   >   HF start TIG welding   >   Pulse TIG welding (with optional modification kit and pulse TIG unit)

WE200H   >   Stick welding   >   Scratch start TIG welding


  • Portable, compact and yet reliable.
  • Designed and built to operate under harshest environment and meets the requirement of quality welding in shipyards, pipelines, construction, petro-chemical plants, oil refinery, offshore works and workshop.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Welder friendly controls.
  • Digital display for easy current setting.
  • Step-less current control.
  • 2S / 4S / Fast Tack selector switch for Trigger hold and Quick tacking.
  • Gas pre flow (for gas purging) and post flow (for cooling) time adjustment.
  • Current up-slope (for soft start) and down-slope (for crater filling) time adjustment.
  • Arc force adjustment to minimize the electrode sticking to the weld puddle (MMA mode).
  • Built-in hot start for additional current during arc striking (can be adjusted by preset potentiometer in PCB) (MMA mode).
  • HF auto cut-off for protection against accidental triggering.
  • Tungsten tip saving circuit (when tungsten is shorted to work piece, only 10A current flows).
  • MCB for fault protection and fuse for Control circuit protection.
  • Current limit, Under voltage and Overload protection.

OPTIONAL ITEMS (Require necessary modification in power source)

Remote Current / Volt control unit          WER101

Remote Pulse TIG unit                              WERP100 (for WE200T only)

Input Supply Voltage 230V + 10%, 1-Ph, 50/60Hz
Rated Input 6.6kW for 200A/28V (MMA)4.4kW for 200A/18V (TIG)
Idling Input Current 0.2A (Max.)
Maximum OCV (CC) 75V DC 60V DC
Current Range 5A – 200A
Rated Duty cycle @ 70% (MMA) 200A / 28V
Rated Duty cycle @ 100% (MMA) 165A / 26.6V
Rated Duty cycle @ 100% (TIG) 200A / 18V
Gas Pre Flow Time 0.1sec – 4sec (Settable in PCB) Not Applicable
Gas Post Flow Time 3sec – 30sec
Current Up Slope Time 0.1sec – 10sec (Settable in PCB)
Current Down Slope Time 0.5sec – 15sec
Dimension (L x W x H) 460 x 220 x 370 mm
Weight 16kg 13kg