Portable High Frequency TIG Control Unit



  • Designed and built to operate under harshest environment and meets the requirement of quality welding in shipyards, pipelines, construction, petro-chemical plants, oil refinery, offshore works and workshop.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Welder friendly controls.
  • Digital display for easy current setting.
  • Step-less current control.
  • HF / LIFT / MMA selector switch for process selection.
  • 2S / 4S / Fast Tack selector switch for Trigger hold and Quick tacking.
  • Gas pre flow (for gas purging) and post flow (for cooling) time adjustment.
  • Current up-slope (for soft start) and down-slope (for crater filling) time adjustment.
  • HF auto cut-off for protection against accidental triggering.
  • Tungsten tip saving circuit (when tungsten is shorted to work piece, only 10A current flows).
Input Supply Voltage 24V + 10%, 1-Ph, 50/60Hzfrom Weldman CC power source (H and UNI models)
TIG Current Range 10A – 300A
Rated Duty cycle @ 100% 300A / 22V
Gas Pre Flow Time 0.1sec – 3sec
Gas Post Flow Time 5sec – 60sec
Current Up Slope Time 0.1sec – 15sec
Current Down Slope Time 0.5sec – 15sec
Dimension (L x W x H) 350 x 195 x 330 mm
Weight 11kg