Heavy Duty 1000 Amps CC / CV Welder


Weldman WE1000UNI inverter power source is a multi-process welder capable of delivering either constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) DC power. This is achieved using energy efficient IGBT inverter technology. These machines render powerful Gouging arc, smooth and stable arc for submerged arc welding when coupled with tractor or boom mounted SAW wire feeders. This machine is also suitable for Stick / MMA welding with various types of electrodes. GMAW / MIG welding with solid and flux cored wires of various sizes and types can be done up to 500A when coupled with Weldman WE4R2. The machines are designed and built with careful layout of power components and cooling arrangement. Hence, heavy duty performance is achieved.


CC Mode   >   Submerged arc welding (SAW)   >   Gouging   >   Stick welding   >   HF start TIG welding (with HF TIG control unit)

CV Mode   >   Submerged arc welding (SAW)   >   MIG / MAG / CO2 welding (Solid wire)   >   FCAW welding (Flux cored wire)


  • Rugged and High output power for the small size.
  • Designed and built to operate under harshest environment and meets the requirement of quality welding in shipyards, pipelines, construction, petro-chemical plants, oil refinery, offshore works and workshop.
  • Generator friendly (low kVA requirement).
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Welder friendly controls.
  • Digital displays for easy setting of current / voltage as well as monitoring of actual current and voltage.
  • Step-less current / voltage control.
  • Arc force adjustment to minimize the electrode sticking to the weld puddle (for MMA).
  • Built-in hot start for additional current during arc striking (can be adjusted by preset potentiometer in PCB).
  • Adjustable electronic inductance control for smooth and spatter less welding (for MIG).
  • SAW arc-starting enhancement (Arc starting current and duration can be preset in SAW wire feeder unit).
  • Gouging up to 1/2 inch diameter rods.
  • Suitable for voltage sensing (OCV driven) wire feeder.
  • MCB for fault protection.
  • Under voltage and Overload protection.
  • Current limit.
  • Control circuit protection by fuse.


SAW wire feeder unit                                    LT7

HF TIG control unit                                          WERT301

Wire Feeder                                                       WE4R2

Remote Current / Volt control unit          WER101UNI

Input Supply Voltage 415V + 10%, 3-Ph, 50/60Hz
Rated Input 50.2kVA
Idling Input Current 0.5A (Max.)
Maximum OCV (CC) 60V DC
Current Range (CC) 20A – 1000A
OCV Range (CV) 0V – 48V
Rated Duty cycle @ 70% 1000A / 40V
Rated Duty cycle @ 100% 840A / 40V
SAW Control Voltage 110V, 1-Ph, AC
MIG Control Voltage 25V, 1-Ph, AC
Dimension (L x W x H) 580 x 650 x 625 mm
Weight 122kg

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