Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Weldman inverter welding machines are highly energy efficient. The energy cost saving can be up to 90% in no load and up to 30% in load condition when compared to conventional machines. Weldman inverter welding machines consume less kVA compared to conventional machines due to high power factor. This leads to lower size supply cables and associated switches, MCBs etc. Substantial fuel saving is achieved when these inverter welding machines are powered by diesel generators. Less fuel usage leads to less emissions and consequently less environmental pollution.

Safe and user friendly

The machines are adequately protected against under-voltage, voltage/current surge and over-heating etc. With simple and minimum controls along with digital display on the front panel, any welder can learn to operate the machine in no time.

Compact, Rugged and Reliable

The power magnetic components like main transformer and main choke are extremely small and lightweight despite their high power capacity. The heavy gauge base plate protects the internal components from impacts and knocks encountered during shifting of machine on site, shop floor, on board vessel etc. The magnetic components, live terminals, bus bars and PCBs are protected against fungus, moisture, dust and corrosion by conformal coating. The protection category for remote connectors when connected is IP67.

Heavy Duty Welding

The Power components are efficiently cooled so as to deliver high welding currents for long hours at high rated duty cycle (70%).


The Power semiconductor component’s lifespan is enhanced by thoughtful and strategic design of forced air-cooling system. The inlet air cools the heat sink fins and power magnetic components. The power semiconductor components and their live terminals are not in the airflow path and are thus protected from dust and moisture. The maximum temperature of the heat sink is 70 Degree Celsius.